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Spring is Nature's New Year | Spring Reset

We celebrate the New Year in January, but Spring is Nature's New Year.

When we celebrate a New Year, we often feel compelled to make a change. The New Year brings new energy which inspires us to make resolutions to live healthier, smarter, and happier.

Spring has that same 'New Year' energy because it is the season of birth and renewal. In Ayurveda (and many other wellness and cultural systems) this energy leads us to cleanse in some way. This may be Spring cleaning our homes, changing up our schedules, or cleansing our bodies.

Where I live, Winter is usually cold and snowy. It’s dormant. The trees are leafless, the plants are sleeping under the snow and animals are snug in their dens, only venturing out to find some food or water before they snuggle back in. Due to the cold weather and the short days, we humans also tend to be less active in the winter. And, between t