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Simple Meditation for Anxiety

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

two women meditate in chairs with hands open on lap

This simple meditation technique can relieve anxiety and get you back on track for the day.

Meditation is such an underrated self-care tool, which is sad because it's so simple and has so many benefits. Meditation reduces stress, lowers high blood pressure, improves sleep, increases focus and helps us tune into our thoughts and emotions.

When we go through life multi-tasking and doing one thing while thinking of another, we end up feeling ungrounded, scattered, stressed and anxious. I often visualize this as my busy mind attempting to pull my soul out of my body, in every direction in which my mind is bouncing.

To counteract this and to bring back a sense of calm and grounded-ness, I do a quick and simple meditation. I close my eyes (or if I'm in public, I just look towards the floor with an unfocused gaze) and watch my breath. I allow my body to relax, my mind begins to calm and I visualize each exhaling settling my soul back into my body. It only takes a couple of breaths before I feel the difference. My body, mind and soul feel connected, I feel calm and grounded. I can do this for 30 seconds and move on with my day, or I can sit longer and enjoy the peace. I invite you to give this a try anytime you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, pulled in too many directions or just tired and weary. Feel the anxiety slip away...





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