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Green Goddess Tortellini Salad

I love a salad that is substantial enough to be a meal! This Green Goddess Tortellini Salad is one of those salads!!!

It's full of vegetables and fresh herbs, making it a perfect summer salad!

Watch Me Make It

The Original Recipe

I originally found this recipe on the food blog Cookie and Kate. This is one of my favorite places to find plant-forward meal ideas. Check it out, I think you will like it.

What I Used

Green Goddess Dressing

(6oz plain Greek yogurt, about 3/4 cup fresh herbs, garlic clove, salt & pepper - blend in food processor)

3/4 package cheese and spinach tortellini, cooked per package directions, drained and rinsed with cold water

(I am cooking for two people. You can do the full package without really changing anything else)

1 small zucchini, chopped

1 small summer squash, chopped

1-2 handfuls of baby greens (arugula, chard, spinach)

1-2 TBSP each, lemon juice & olive oil

Salt and Pepper

Make the Green Goddess Dressing and set it aside. Cook the Tortellini, rinse, and chill. Chop the veggies and lightly season with lemon vinaigrette (lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper). Dress tortellini with green goddess dressing, then toss in the veggies. Serve somewhere between room temperature and slightly chilled.

green goddess tortellini salad in a big clear bowl

What Is Green Goddess Dressing?

If you look for recipes for Green Goddess Dressing you will find an endless variety of recipes online. There are 2 things most of the recipes have in common - 1) they are creamy. This is usually due to greek yogurt, but some use mayo and sour cream. 2) they contain a variety of fresh herbs.

Other than that, the recipes vary a lot. The version I made for this recipe is very simple, but feel free to try a different version of the dressing if you have one you really like.

What Herbs Should I Use In Green Goddess Dressing?

I used parsley, dill, basil, chives, and the green part of scallions. But you can use almost any fresh herb that you enjoy. Just keep in mind some flavors are pretty strong (eg. tarragon, mint) and could easily overpower others.

What Other Veggies Would Be Good In This Salad?

Use whatever vegetables you like. If you don't like the ones I used, you could also use cucumber, peas, asparagus, cauliflower florets, broccoli, tomatoes, radishes, or even green beans.

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