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Easy Morning Meditation

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

This easy morning meditation lets you check meditation off your to-do list before you even get out of bed!

a bed folded down showing pillow and flannel sheets
It's okay to meditate in bed!

Start your day with a short easy meditation before you even get out of bed. Yes that’s right, it is perfectly fine to meditate in your bed.

If you are anything like me, you would relish any excuse to stay in bed for a few more minutes every morning. Now you have the perfect reason.

Morning is said to be the best time to meditate because your mind is still calm from sleep and your to-do list has not yet taken over your day.

If you have been meaning to fit in a daily meditation but struggle to find the time, here is the perfect solution.

Now that you are committed to staying in bed for a few extra minutes to meditate, what type of meditation will you do? For me, a meditation that focuses on breathing and gratitude will have the most positive effects on your mind and body. Slow, deep breathing helps us calm the mind and the body, it lowers stress and anxiety. A gratitude practice is proven to improve mood, health and relationships.

Simple Steps for this Easy Morning Meditation

1. Upon waking, take a couple slow, deep breaths. Enjoy the sensation of being comfy and snuggled in your bed. Enjoy the soft mattress, the fluffy pillow and the feel of your blankets and sheets.

2. As you continue to breath slow and purposeful breaths, allow yourself to acknowledge all you have to be grateful for. Even at the worst of times, there is much to be thankful for.

3. Breathe it in and let that gratitude surround every cell of your being. Take all the time you can allow to bask in this sense of gratitude.

4. Take a couple more deep breaths, and then slowly open your eyes and start your day feeling calm, refreshed and utterly grateful for the gifts the world has bestowed upon you!


- If you worry about falling back to sleep, use the snooze of your alarm or simply set a timer.

- If you share the bed with someone else, try to time this meditation for when they are either still asleep or already up and out of bed. Or, better yet, get them to join in and meditate beside you.

- If you have animals that won't allow you to relax before taking them outside, go ahead to let them out. Then, when they are done, jump right back into bed for your short meditation.

Does this sound like something you are willing to try? I would love to hear how it goes for you, so please leave a comment letting me know!





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