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Yoga Pose - Pyramid Pose

Pyramid pose, also known as Parsvottanasana, is a great pose for anyone with tight hamstrings. This pose helps release muscles around the hips and the calf muscles as well. If you spend a lot of time sitting, have difficulty bending to touch the floor, or suffer from low back pain, give this pose a try.

What The Pose Looks Like

Yoga Pose - Pyramid Pose

- When in the pose, our feet are hip distance apart side to side, and about 12-18 inches apart front to back. Press down firmly on both feet, keeping your weight equally distributed across both.

Note - if you have a great sense of balance, you can align your feet as if you are on a balance beam. However, if you are new to yoga, start with your feet hip distance and later you can bring your feet closer as you deepen

your practice.

- Our legs are straight, but try to avoid locking your knees. Activate your legs by lifting your kneecaps.

- Hinge forward at the hip, until your torso is parallel to the floor. Keep your pelvis level, don't tilt to either side. Imagine your tailbone reaching back as the crown of your head reaches forward so that your spine is long.

- You can rest your hands on your low back or clasp your hands behind your back to open the chest. OR, alternatively, you can place your hands in front of you on blocks or on the floor.

- Hold the pose, breathing deeply to allow time to sink into the stretch.

- Gently release out of the pose, and come into it on the other side.

How To Come Into The Pose

During yoga practice, from Crescent Lunge:

When I'm on my mat practicing yoga, I prefer to come into this pose from a Cresent Lunge. While in Crescent Lunge, I lower my hands to the blocks in front of me and straighten my legs as I step my back foot forward about halfway. Once my legs are aligned in the proper pyramid position, I either stay with my hands on the blocks for the deep hamstring stretch, or I lift up and come into one of the other variations.

Anytime, from Mountain Pose:

When doing this pose off the mat, I start in Mountain Pose. I step one foot back, then hinge forward to whatever variation I choose to do.

Easy Peasy.

Watch Me Do It

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