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Yoga Pose -Tadasana | Mountain Pose

This is possibly the most underrated yoga pose ever! The yoga pose Tadasana (also known as Mountain Pose) might look simple but there are a lot of important things happening when you're in this pose. And, you can do it almost anywhere, any time. and the more you do it, the better! Keep reading to learn more.

Tadasana | Mountain Pose

It might look like I'm just standing there. But in reality, my skeleton is standing in alignment, my muscles are engaged, my mind is calm and I can feel my body filling with energy.

Tracy dressed in black demonstrating standard Mountain Pose

How to Do The Basic Mountain Pose

- start by standing with your feet close together. Spread your toes if you can.

- note that your hips are over your ankles, your shoulders are over your hips and your head is centered over the shoulders. Don't allow your body to lean in any direction, be straight up and down.

- press down through your heels as you engage your thighs to lift your kneecaps.

- tuck your tailbone slightly so that your pelvis bowl is not tilting forward or back

- as you tuck your tailbone, also energetically press your thighs back. This activates the muscles from your low back down to your feet.

- pull your belly in from all directions

- gently lift your chest as you squeeze your shoulder blades together. Allow your shoulders to release down away from your ears.

- spread your fingers and attempt to lengthen your arms. This activates all of the arm muscles.

- lastly, relax your face (or smile), and gently lift the crown of your head up toward the sky to lengthen the neck.

- hold the pose for 1 -2 minutes. Let your mind be calm as you tune in to the sensations of the body. Note how it feels to stand in perfect alignment. Feel your body being energized. When you are done, simply relax the body and move on with your day.

Hear Me Guide You Into Mountain Pose

Benefits of Tadasana | Mountain Pose

As I said below, I think this is one of the most underrated poses. You can do this pose while standing in your kitchen, in line at the grocery store, while watching your kid's soccer game, or yes, on your yoga mat. And while it looks surprisingly simple, it has important benefits for your body and mind.

  • tadasana improves your posture and can alleviate pain caused by poor alignment.

  • because you activate your muscles, it helps build and maintain muscle tone.

  • it energized the body.

  • tadasana improves awareness as you tune into your body and its movement in a way you typically don't.

  • since you must focus on standing in alignment and engaging the muscles, it gets you out of your head, reducing stress and anxiety.


As with all yoga poses, you can modify it to something that feels a little better for your body.

Modification 1

Some people find that standing with their feet close together makes them lose their balance. Or, if they have knee issues, standing like that can irritate their knees. The simple way to alleviate these issues is to simply stand with your feet about hip distance apart. This keeps the weight straight over the knees and allows for better balance. Everything else about the pose remains the same.

Tracy dressed in black demonstrating a wider stance mountain pose

Modification 2

Simply changing the arm position can make this pose feel a little more grounding and settling. Instead of having your arms down at your sides, place them in prayer pose in front of your chest. Gently press the hands together to activate the arms. You can do this standing with your feet close together or at hip distance, whichever feels good to you.

Tracy dressed in black demonstrating mountain pose with prayer hands

Modification 3

Once you have tried the pose and understand what it feels like in your body, you will find that you can do it while seated in a chair. Simply sit on the edge of a chair, and let your feet rest flat on the floor about hip-width apart. It is best if the chair height allows your thighs to be parallel to the floor. Press down through the feet and squeeze your glutes to activate your legs. Then the rest is the same. Engage all the muscles of the body, pay attention to your alignment, and allow your mind to clear and your body to be energized.

Just Do It

Everyone can benefit from doing this pose a few times a day. However, if you suffer from neck pain, or if you suffer from sciatica pain, this pose can be incredibly beneficial. Often back and neck pain is caused or exacerbated by poor alignment. We stand with one hip jutting out to the side or we spend too much time hunched over looking down. The more you can stand your body in perfect alignment, the better!

Try it today!

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