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10 Minute Meditation | Have a Good Day

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

I created this post to provide you with a 10 minute guided meditation to set yourself up for a good day.

You probably know this about me already, but I'm a big fan of meditation. Just a few minutes of meditation everyday can have huge impacts on your body, mind, heart and soul.

Why Should We Meditate?

Meditation lowers stress, lowers high blood pressure, increases immunity and helps us sleep. It helps us connect to our emotions, which increases both self-love and our acceptance of others. Meditation helps us learn to focus and stay mindful as well as helping us tune into our intuition and our connection to the divine.

Why Guided Meditation

I think it is very important to learn to meditate on your own (e.g. simply sitting is silence and watching your breath), but a guided meditation can keep you on your meditation cushion longer and provide inspiration and motivation to keep coming back to meditation again and again. A nice combination of guided meditations and silent meditations is just what the guru ordered.

Below I have provided a 10 minute guided meditation perfect for a morning meditation. This is the perfect way to set yourself up for a good day.

Guided Meditation

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