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Making Grilled Pizza

Updated: May 19

In this post, I am making grilled pizza. Making pizza at home is cheap and easy, with just a little planning. The best thing is, as with many of my favorite recipes, you can make it different every time!

I love a recipe that can be changed up with the season, with your food preferences, or simply with what's available in your refrigerator.

two personal sized pizzas on a wooden cutting board

I was scared the first time I ever made pizza dough on the grill. I had seen people do it on Food Network, but I just couldn't believe it wasn't going to make a huge mess of my grill grates. It turned out fine. Better than fine actually, because the black grill marks add so much flavor to the pizza that it's now my favorite way to make it.

When the weather isn't great, I have even cooked the dough on a stove-top grill pan, which works almost as well.

The Dough

I prefer to make my own dough because 1) it's cheap 2) I know there aren't any additives 3) I can add additional flavor to the crust. It takes a little planning to be sure there is time for the dough to rise, but you can also mix it up the night before, put it in the fridge, pull it out when you get home from work, and be grilling in 30 minutes.