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Cold Greek Tortellini Salad

Are you looking for a substantial summer salad that is filling enough to be an entree, but can also make a perfect lunch or side dish? Look no further!

the ingredients for Greek Tortellini Salad

I was looking for a new idea for a summer salad. Something perfect for a potluck picnic, or something I can make ahead and eat on those hot evenings when we don't feel like cooking. Guess what? I found one!

I previously shared this delicious recipe for a Green Goddess Tortellini Salad. If you like that, you will love this one too. This recipe combines all of the deliciousness of a Greek Salad plus cheese tortellini. So, it's yummy and substantial. This is a salad that carnivores will enjoy...even as their entree.

Watch Me Make It

The Recipe

I came pretty close to following the recipe, with only minor changes. I only used a green bell pepper and I didn't use quite as much dressing as it called for. You can find the original recipe HERE.

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pinterest graphic showing Greek Tortellini Salad in a clear bowl



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