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Yoga Pose - Chair Pose

Chair pose, also known as Utkatasana, is a great pose for strengthening your legs and your core.

What The Pose Looks Like

Yoga Pose - Chair Pose

- Begin in Mountain Pose (aka Tadasana). Take a big breath in as you reach your arms up over head.

- As you exhale, press your feet into the ground as you shift your hips back and down (as if you are beginning to sit back into a chair).

- Concentrate on keeping your knees back behind your toes.

- Pull your belly in as you keep your arms extended up and forward, so they are in line with the angle of your back.

- Remain in the pose for a couple of breaths, being mindful of your breath. Also, look for areas of tension (often your shoulders) and allow for ease in the pose.

- To come out of the pose you can simply return to Mountain Pose, or release your body forward into a standing Forward Fold (aka Uttanasana)


- Rather than extending your arms up and forward, hold them in prayer pose in front of your chest.

- Turn it into a chest expansion by clasping the hands behind your back and extending your arms back and up.

- Hold onto the back of a chair for stability.

- Widen your stance to greater than hip distance to add more stability and open the hips.

- Limit how deep you sink back into the pose to lessen pressure on your knees.

- Place a yoga block between your knees. Squeeze the block to better activate the thigh muscles.

Watch Me Do It

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