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Spice Rack Declutter Project

Updated: May 19

I love a quick project to simplify an area of my house. Recently I cleared out the junk drawer and it was great. Every time I open that drawer I smile. This week I decided to do a little spice rack decluttering project.

Spring always re-ignites my interest in simple living/minimalism. This year, it feels more intense. I think it's because we spent the month of March in a small rental house living with just the necessities (and lots of warm weather and sunshine!). Our home is not cluttered, but it does seem like it's always a battle to keep it that way. Spending a month in a home that was fully, but minimally, furnished and stocked felt really good. Now that I'm home, I want more of that feeling here.

Over the last few years, I have been getting rid of stuff that we were holding on to but never seemed to use, so my kitchen cupboards are in pretty good shape. However, the spice cabinet always seems to annoy me. I decided it was time to finally do something about it.