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Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Updated: May 19

It's time for Spring cleaning. Let me show you how easy it is to make your own cleaning products. I'm sharing three of my favorite homemade cleaning products, along with a few things I use straight off the grocery store shelf.

Most of the time, I clean on the fly. When I do the dishes, I just use my dish rag to wipe down the counters or the grimy refrigerator handle. If I notice the bathroom sink is dirty, I will simply wipe it down with the washcloth I used to wash my face (and then toss it in the dirty clothes bin).

However, every now and then, things need to be cleaned a little bit better. Items on the kitchen counter need to be removed so the counter can be completely cleaned, the shelves and end tables need to be dusted thoroughly and the bathroom needs some real scrubbing.

When I want to do some deep cle