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January 2023 Round Up

Where I live, the weather has been pretty mild which translates to gray and muddy. I have been missing the beauty of snow this month! We did get an inch or so yesterday, so as I sit here typing, I am enjoying seeing the snow on the trees and the birds and squirrels at the feeders.

I thought I would try something new and share with you a few things I have been enjoying this month.

A Few of My Favorite Things

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Earlier this month I joined Anthony Cernera for his 10-day Meditation Challenge. Anthony is the founder of New Leaf Meditation Project. I enjoy him so much, please check him out.

I participated in Courtney Carver's free 6-day Tiny Step Simplicity Challenge. Courtney is a great inspiration for anyone trying to simplify their life. I loved her book Project 333, but my favorite thing lately has been the podcast she hosts with her daughter called Soul & Wit. You can find it on her website, or on Apple Podcasts. It's delightful.

My favorite read of January - Daisy Jones and the Six, by a long shot. You can read more about it at my book blog Cocktails In The Library.

I have a little love-hate with this one. My husband and I joined a local gym last month to be sure we were getting exercise during the cold days of winter when I don't like to do much, other than hibernate. We have been going religiously and I hate every minute of it. Only two things have kept me sane while doing mind-numbing cardio... 1) watching the scale move in the downward direction and 2) listening to audiobooks.

I love these earbuds that stay in my ears, no matter what activity I'm doing. And, they are decently priced!

And finally, we don't go to the movie theater often, but when I see one of my favorite books (A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Bachman) has been made into a movie and Tom Hanks plays the main character, I have to go!!!! I highly recommend it... Run, don't walk, to see A Man Called Otto!!! Movie adaptations can be tricky, but they nailed it!

I hope you also had a wonderful January! Welcome February!



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