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Easy Bedtime Yoga For Beginners

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

In this post I share with you a short, simple and relaxing yoga flow perfect to do right before bed. Yoga can be a great way to prepare your body and mind for a restful nights sleep. Relaxing your muscles and calming your mind will set you up to fall asleep and stay asleep.

How To Use This Flow

Get ready for bed as you typically would, put on some comfortable PJs and find some space on your bedroom floor (on carpet, a mat or yoga blanket), or do the poses right in bed. I personally like to do the first few on the floor and then move into bed for the final few. Do what makes sense for you.

Poses for my Bedtime Yoga Flow

Childs Pose - put a blanket under your legs and come into this pose slowly. Let your hip relax down toward your heels. If your forehead does not rest comfortably on the floor, stack your hands under your forehead. Tune into your breath, let your exhalation bring relaxation to your body and calmness to your mind. Begin to let go of worry and to-do lists, allow yourself to simply be present in the here and now.

(this pose calms nerves, lowers blood pressure and relieve back tension)

Cat-Cow - pull up onto all fours, arch your back and drop your belly into cow as you inhale, then round your back into cat as you exhale. Let each movement start at your tailbone and end at your crown. Let each movement occur slowly, taking the entire inhale or exhale to fully express the pose.

(this pose releases tension in the spine and oxygenates the body)

Easy Pose, Fold Forward - come onto your butt, fold legs in one at a time coming into an easy version of crisscross apple sauce, then gently fold forward. Switch legs around and fold forward again.

(this pose releases tension in the legs, hips and back while also reducing anxiety and quieting the mind)

Happy Baby - roll onto your back, pull the knees to the chest, then grab your feet letting the knees press toward the floor as the soles of the feet press toward the ceiling. Feel free to gently roll side to side.

(this pose opens the hips, stretches the inner thighs and slows the heart rate to bring you closer to a resting state)

Legs Up The Wall - consider placing a pillow or yoga block under your sacrum. Lift your feet up toward the ceiling as you straighten your legs. Arms can relax by your sides or place hands on belly. Feet are flexed, letting the heels press up toward the ceiling, but you can also point the toes or circle the ankles to release tension from the calves, ankles and feet.

(this pose allows gravity to work in the opposite direction on your body).

Reclined Twist - allow the soles of your feet to come down to the floor, knees bent. Place your arms out wide, let your knees fall over to the left as your head turns to the right. After a few breaths, let your knees come back to center and then fall to the right as your head turns to the left.

(this pose releases tension and gently massages internal organs)


Savasana - allow your feet to find the mat (remove pillow or block if using), extend your legs out long, feet pointing out to the sides. Allow your arms to relax at each side of your body, or rest your hands on your belly. Stay here for several long, deep, relaxed breaths. Concentrate on the relaxation in your body and allow your mind to be calm. If thoughts pop in, just allow them to float right on by as you bring your attention back to your breath.

Roll onto your side - whichever side is most comfortable to you. Bend your knees. Allow your mind to be calm and you contemplate how cozy your bed is. Let your entire body be relaxed as it melts into the bedding and allow your mind to drift off to sleep.

Let Me Demonstrate

The Benefits

This flow should feel great. It offers just enough movement to release any extra energy your body needs to dispel as well as enough stretch to release tension in the muscles. Focusing on the breath and the movements help the mind let go and be calm.

Personalize The Flow

The great thing about a home yoga practice is that you can personalize it. If there is one pose that you enjoy more than the others, feel free to stay in that pose longer. If one pose bothers you, skip it. This is your practice, do what feels good to you.

Note: These are all very simple poses, but if you have never done yoga before, check with your doctor to be sure you don't have any underlying issue that would interfere with your ability to do them.

While you don't want to rush through this super fast (that doesn't feel relaxing), you may not want to spend 30 minutes doing it either. If you feel it takes too long to do this practice, drop your least favorite pose and just do the few you prefer (but do them slowly, and in no rush).

If you want to spend more time in this flow, simply stay in each pose longer or add in other restorative poses, such as reclined butterfly.

Need some yoga tools?

Yoga Blanket -

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Thank you for joining me. I hope you are able to use this gentle bedtime yoga flow as part of your nightly routine. Let me know in comments what you think!




Always listen to your body. If a pose does not feel good, modify it or skip it. If you are new to yoga, please talk with your doctor before beginning a practice. Also, if you suffer from severe or long lasting insomnia, you should discuss that with your doctor as well.

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Very straight forward. I've never attempted yoga before due to my disability, but this seems like stuff I could try. I think happy baby and fold forward are the only ones that aren't attainable



This looks easy to follow and helpful for getting into a good nightly routine. Thanks for sharing!



Love doing yoga! Can't wait to add some of these poses in to my bed time routine.



Thank you for the flow idea! One goal for 2023 is to get back into yoga and this will be easy to incorporate!



I'll try this tonight! I sometimes have a hard time to fall asleep. This could be a good way for me to calm down my always busy brain.

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