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Making Successful New Years Resolutions

Have you ever made a New Years Resolution only to drop it, fail at it, or never even start it to begin with? Yeah, we all have. The problem is, that we often set grandiose goals that just aren't doable (like beginning a really strict diet or hellish exercise routine), or we have big aspirations, but no idea what steps to take to accomplish them.

Most of us don't know how to change our habits successfully. We have an idea of how we would like to improve, but not how to successfully change our actions to accomplish our goals.

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Study after study shows that the best way to successfully change our habits is to take small, daily (or almost daily) baby steps toward our goal. The key is to make these steps so small we can't help but do them. I call this method of habit change 'Everyday Evolution'. We might have a large over-arching resolution, but to be successful, we have to break it down into tiny steps and make these changes slowly, over time.

I Explain It Better Here

The Bottom Line

Almost any change can be broken down into baby steps.

Take the baby steps slowly. Don't rush the change.

Small steps lead to success. Success breeds success.

The opposite is also true - making the steps to change too big leads to failure. Failure breeds failure.

Watch the video above for examples of how Everyday Evolution works.

Learn More

I created a video specifically on Habit Change - watch it HERE.

My favorite books on habit change are TINY HABITS and ATOMIC HABITS

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