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Making Garlic Powder at Home

While I usually prefer freshly minced garlic, there is a time and a place for garlic powder.

garlic powder and 2 bulbs of garlic on a wooden cutting board

When To Use Garlic Powder

  • When you want the garlic to really melt into the recipe.

  • When you're short on time and want to add garlic quickly.

  • In marinades for grilling or roasting (fresh garlic burns easily).

  • To be sure you always have garlic on hand (fresh garlic will sprout or go bad, garlic powder can last for over a year if stored correctly).

  • When you want a subtle garlic flavor sprinkled on top of foods (think breadsticks).

  • When you want garlic flavor in a dry rub spice mix.

  • And there are probably several more I'm not thinking of...

What Garlic Variety Should You Use?

Almost any variety will work, but there are some subtle differences. Elephant garlic tends to be milder in flavor while Rocambole has a more intense flavor. But there are so many varieties, it's really up to you. I suggest buying whatever variety your local farmers are growing or what you can easily find in your grocery store. Better yet, grow your own!

Watch My Husband Make It

Growing Garlic

I am not an expert in growing garlic. We planted some last autumn, but it never really bulbed up. When I went to harvest it, the bulbs and therefore the cloves, were so small!! I didn't even bother trying to use them. We are going to dig them up and try again this year.

Therefore, if you want to learn more about growing garlic, I suggest you check out this ARTICLE.

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