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Guided Breath Meditation| 5 Minutes

Join me for a simple breathing meditation. We will simply sit and watch our breath...counting each inhalation and exhalation.

Meditate With Me

More Meditations

If you want to meditate with me, I have several other guided meditations on my YouTube Channel. You can find my meditation playlist HERE.

Health Benefits of Meditation

Meditation benefits all aspects of self - Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul.

Body Better Sleep Increased Immunity Lower Blood Pressure

Heart Awareness of Emotion Empathy & Acceptance Self-Love

Mind Increased Focus Self Empowerment Mindfulness

Soul Increased Intuition Peace & Serenity Divine Connection

How to Meditate

If you are new to meditation, check out this video.

Anyone can meditate. It's super simple, but not always easy. Start slow and build a daily practice. Considering all the benefits listed above, how can you afford not to?

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