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5 Simple Tips for Healthier Eating

So you've decided to eat healthier, but you don't know where to start? Or, you know that the best and most successful way to change habits is to do so slowly...and you want to know what baby steps you should take. Either way, you are in the correct place!

Learn About Habit Change

If you want to learn more about successful habit change, you can check out THIS video, or THIS one.

Rule #1 For Habit Change

Keep It Simple - Don't overcomplicate things. Make a series of small changes one after another. You will be much more successful than trying to do it all simultaneously!

Watch Me

5 Simple Tips for Healthier Eating

Watch the video above for all the details!!!

  1. Eat more vegetables. Take small steps to add an extra serving of veggies to your day. Then eventually, add another, and maybe another!

  2. Replace your processed side dishes (think rice, soups, or pasta in a can or box). Learn to make a few from scratch to replace those prepackaged options.

  3. Up-level your proteins. Ditch the processed meats (ham, bacon, sausages) and replace them with lean, healthy proteins like eggs, fresh chicken breast, salmon, steak, or tofu.

  4. Use recipe templates to make home cooking faster and easier.

  5. Eat seasonally. You can also try to buy local produce and meats. Make the transition to more organic foods (see the 'when is organic important' section below).

When is Organic Important

The Environmental Working Group has tools to help you spend your dollars where they are most beneficial.

The Dirty Dozen - the fruits and veggies that should be purchased organic whenever possible.

The Clean Fifteen - don't waste your money buying the organic version of these.

In Conclusion

Making small, incremental, healthy choices will add up to big changes to your health. Baby steps give us easy successes which inspire us to make more healthy choices in the future.

You only have one body - take care of it!

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