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Everyday Evolution - a year-long transformational group program based on my book 90 Days to Holistic Wellness. We will work as a group to dial in 12 key behaviors that affect how we feel every day. 

You will make small improvements to these behaviors throughout the year which will culminate in possible weight loss, stress relief, increased energy and an overall feeling of wellness.

This program uses e-mail, Vimeo videos and a private Facebook group to coach you through these behavior changes. We utilize the concepts of dynamic groups and self-paced learning to support you in improving your lifestyle, whatever your schedule.

Tracy's book '90 Days to Holistic Wellness'
  • Everyday Evolution

    A year-long transformational group program. Jan 2023 Start
    Valid for one year

We improve our habits over the 4 seasons targeting 12 key behaviors.


Workbook and Tools

48+ weekly videos delivered electronically to view when your schedule allows.

Living with the Seasons Tip Sheets

Private facebook group to ask questions, brainstorm ideas and support each other

Simple and delicious

Heathy Recipes

Bonus Content

Habit Change and High-Performance Habit videos

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