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Holiday Meal Idea | Salmon, Veggie Gratin, Popovers

Neither my husband nor I eat meat, so the typical holiday meal options of ham, turkey and roast beef don't work for us. Because of this, we like to change it up and try something new every year. This year I am contemplating options for this year's Christmas meal. You can watch me make a couple of my favorite options - Mushroom Pot Pie and Vegetarian Wellington.

This year, I'm thinking about Salmon. Paired with a Vegetable Quinoa Gratin and Popovers, this sounds like a great option for our dinner.

white plate with pistachio salmon, veggie gratin and a popover

Popover vs Yorkshire Pudding

My father made popovers often. But it wasn't until recently that I found out that Popovers are essentially Yorkshire Pudding, but made with butter instead of beef fat.

If you've never had Popovers or Yorkshire pudding, they are shaped like hollow muffins that puff way up while cooking and then deflate after.  The texture is eggy and chewy. They aren't overly flavorful, but there is just something about them that is super yummy and comforting. If you want them more flavorful, you can stir in garlic powder and chopped chives. They are great that way too!

Watch Me Make This Meal

The Recipes

As with so many things I cook, I rarely follow a recipe. I tend to use recipes more for ideas or inspiration rather than step-by-step directions. This is quite true for this meal as well.

The Pistachio Salmon is a simplified version of a recipe like THIS.

The Vegetable Quinoa Gratin came from HERE. I added cauliflower, omitted a cheese, and amped up the spice.

I made the Popovers following my dad's recipe. I love that I have this recipe card in his handwriting.

a recipe card with my dad's popover recipe written on it

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pinterest graphic showing white plate with holiday meal of salmon, veggie gratin and popover



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